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Acquisition Agreement

*the contract is a rewritten version of a contract designed by Ann-Kristin Bjørnvold for the Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, design og arkitektur

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Acquisition Agreement

Hereby confirms to have purchased from
Seller/previous owner:
Or from the appointed representative of the owner:
National identity number/business enterprise number

Member of the Norwegian Visual Arts Copyright Society (BONO)? Yes No


If no: May photographs of the Work be published on the Museum’s website?

Method of acquisition:
Provenance (Information about previous ownership and sales/transfers)

The Museum’s right of disposal over the Work:

  • The Museum has full, unlimited, de facto and legal right of disposal over the Work. However, the Museum may not sell or transfer the Work unless specified in the contract, or unless permission to do so is obtained in another way from either the previous owner or his/her close family.
  • The Work may without restriction be exhibited, lent out, stored, published or used in another way, in accordance with the limitations that otherwise apply under the Norwegian Copyright Act.
  • The Museum agrees to document the Work with photographs and store it (them) safely and reliably with regard to conservation. The Work will be available for scientific and teaching purposes as long as this is in keeping with storage and security considerations.

Special conditions and/or restrictions:

  • The seller/most recent owner stipulates the following conditions on the transfer/use and storage of the Work:
  • [Describe the conditions/restrictions]

Time of delivery:

The Work(s) will be delivered to/picked up by the Museum: [Date]/ [time of day]

The Museum’s Insurance Agreement enters into effect when the Work is picked up at the Seller’s location at the time described under Time of delivery (date/time of day). The insurance covers the transport from door to door.

When the Seller organises transport and delivery of the Work, the Seller assumes all risks prior to the delivery to the Museum.

Delivery of the Work to the Museum pursuant to the conditions in this contract is final and irrevocable.

The restrictions and conditions set out are valid for a maximum of 10 years from the date of signing of this contract. After that time, unless otherwise agreed, the Museum will obtain full, de facto and legal right of disposal over the Work.

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