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Facility Report

The information in this form is treated as confidential and will be arkived accordingly. It will only be used by the lenders in evaluating facilities of potential borrowers and/or as grounds for Applications for indemnity for loan objects.

Institution profile

Name of borrowing institute:
Contact person:
Security supervisor
Exhibition manager:
Mailing adress:
Street adress:
Shipping adress:
Purpose of loan:
Exhibition title:
Exhibition period:
Describe your institution:

Instructions for completing the facility report

All questions which are applicable to Your institution must be answered.

The Floor plan

Attach floor plans of the exhibition building indicating:

Where will the loan object be displayed
Vents within exhibition areas
Fire doors
Portable fire extinguishers, fire suppresssion and detection systems
(Overhead) waterpipes
HVAC systems
Passage from object receiving area to display areas clearly marked
Areas permitting food/drinks
Guard stations

Environmental readings

Attach a copy of actual relativ humidity and temperature readings from the last twelve month for display area(s) in which loan objects would be displayed.

 Date of completionLoan item storage areaLoan item display area
Original building
Addition 1
Addition 2
Addition 3
Original buildingAdobeBrickConcreteGlassSafety glassSteelStoneWoodFabric/carpetOther
Exterior walls
Interior walls
Structural support
Addition(s)AdobeBrickConcreteGlassSafety glassSteelStoneWoodFabric/carpetOther
Exterior walls
Interior walls
Structural supports


Fire protection

Are all your building structures freestanding?
If no, are the structures separated by fire doors?
How many floors does your exhibition building have?
If more than one floor, indicate access between levels; stairs, elevator, other
Indicate the layout of your exhibition space(s); one room, series of rooms, other
Describe the type and location of public activities that take place in your building, other than exhibitions
Do these activities take place in the exhibition?
Are you undergoing construction or renovation at this time? if yes, explain
If construction work will occur, how will potential fire hazards be monitored?
What is the rating of your building?
Is the entire building protected by a fire and/or smoke detection alarm system?
If yes, indicate type / if no, indicate areas not protected
Are all emergency exit doors equipped with alarms?
Do doors automatically unlock when a fire alarm is activated?
How often are the systems checked and by whom?
Are fog nozzles installed?
How often are fire hoses and cabinets inspected and maintained?
System activationTemporary exhibition galleriesTemporary exhibition storage areas
Selv- activated heat detection
Selv- activated smoke detection
Control panel
Manual pull stations
Water flow switches in sprinkler system


In-house central station (propriety system) 
In-house audible devises
Local fire station - Direct line
UL/FM-approved sentral station (specify comapny)
Other (specify)


SprinklersReceivedStoredExhibitedYear installed
Wet pipe
Dry pipe
Other (specify)
Who is responsible for turn-off?
Are staff and guards trained in turn-off procedures


Gaseous fire suppresion systemsReceivedStoredExhibitedYear installed
Clean agent
Other (specify)




Pressurized water
Carbon dioxide
Dry chemical


Fire protection - extinguishers

How often are portable fire extinguishers tested?
How often is your staff trained in the use of portable fire extinguishers?
Are the doors between floors or rooms fire resistive or smoke-sealed?
How far is your facility from the nearest fire station?
What is the responsetime for the nearest fire department?
How far is your institution from the nearest fire hydrant?
How often does the fire department makes sure the fire hydrant works?
Is your nearest fire department staffed 24 hours a day?
Has the nearest fire department an action plan for your institution?
If no, are you willing to devise such a plan with nearest your fire department?
Do you have an established fire emergency procedure?
How well is the staff trained in this procedure?


Serurity personnel
Do you have 24 hour human guard security?
Is there a staffed controll senter with visual oversight over the entire facility?
If no, would you be willing to hire additional guards?
Do you have a trained supervisor in charge at all times?
Are your security people specially trained for your facility?
Do you conduct background checks on guards prior to hiring?
Do you have sign in/sign out procedure for staff?
Do your staff, visitors to your staff and special guests wear identifying badges?
Are security personnel placed at all entrances and exits of the building during opening hours?
Are the contents of bags, briefcases, etc checked upon entering or exit?
How many galleries are designed to each guard?
Is a guard assigned during installation and deinstallation?
Is access to the exhibition area restricted during installation and deinstallation?
How often is the exhibition with list of objects checked when closed?
Do you maintain records on internal movement and relocation of loan objects?
Who is authorized to sign for the removal of objects from the building?
How often are exterior perimeter checks of the building carried out?
Do you have an emergency response plan?
How frequently is your staff trained in its implementation?
What emergency procedures are observed in the case of theft or vandalism?
Security employees of your facility With certified training
Security employees of your facility
Other staff
Contractors from outside service company. (name of company)
Other (specify)


Other (specify)


Security personellThroughout buildingThroughout buildingIn exhibitionIn exhibition
During public hours
When closed to the Public, but open to staff
During closed hours


Checklist for attachemends

Is the floor plan attached?
Are the tempeture and humidity readings attached?